About GTPJ

The Green Theory and Praxis Journal (GTPJ; ISSN: 1941-0948), founded in 2005 founded by Anthony J. Nocella II, Steve Best, Mark Somma, Michael Becker, and Richard Kahn, arose out of two projects: the “Revolutionary Environmentalism: A Dialogue Between Activists and Academics” Conference on February 13-14, 2003, at Fresno State University and Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth (Best and Nocella 2006). GTPJ is a carefully peer reviewed, intersectional social justice publication focused on the global ecological community. This academic-activist journal is dedicated to expanding and challenging classic scholarship on environmental issues, as the field has long been dominated by white, able-bodied, Christian, Western-colonial perspectives on ecology, wilderness, nature, and the environment, with a deficit of criticism against corporate greenwashing and capitalism.

A multi-movement publication, GTPJ is a critical theory journal seeking scholarship in the following areas:

  • environmental justice
  • indigenous people
  • first nations
  • aboriginal communities
  • eco-ability
  • eco-feminism
  • eco-transgender studies
  • global justice
  • revolutionary environmentalism
  • critical race theory
  • critical environmental education
  • ecopedagogy
  • Earth liberation

Further, the journal promotes deconstruction of oppressive binaries (culture/nature, wild/civilized, human/animal), real world application of critical theory, and a jargon-free rhetorical foundation supporting the abolition of all systems of domination. GTPJ is not a reformist publication. Rather, our mission argues for mass global transformation through the critique of systems, not individuals, that promote oppression. We believe change emerges from building alliances, as opposed to fueling conflicts. Ultimately, GTPJ is a theory-to-action journal open to scholarship that fosters a holistic journey for total liberation and justice.

– Green Theory and Praxis Journal, (originally published December 19, 2014, updated June 27, 2017)