GTPJ Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2016

VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1, June 2016

  • Special Issue:

Transcripts of the 3rd Annual Engaging with Eco-ability Conference

  • Issue Editor:

Erik Juergensmeyer, Ph.D., Fort Lewis College


Living at the Intersections: A Postcapitalist-Feminist Approach to Disability, Animality and Gender
Sara Acevedo and Alka Arora
Pg. 3

Neurodiverse Identity in the Animal Rights Movement
Hannah Monroe
Pg. 9


Anti-Vivisection and Anti-Psychiatry
Mike Hyde
Pg. 16

Imaginings of “Community”: Perceptions of (Dis)Ability, the Environment, and Inclusion
John Lupinacci
Pg. 26

The Environmental Vulnerability of People with Disabilities: Climate Change and Our Futures
Alex Ghenis
Pg. 36


The Dog Fancy
Scott Hurley
Pg. 43


Embracing Our Herstory of Animal Loving Madness
Archie Beeswax
Pg. 49


Walking on Two Legs: Where Ableism and Speciesism Meat
mary fantaske
Pg. 62


Anarchist Criminology against Racism and Ableism and for Animal Liberation
Anthony J. Nocella II
Pg. 68